Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is INK?

What is INK—?
INK stands for Immaculate Novelists Kult, in the grand tradition of many other ink-named groups that have gone before and run concurrently with us, with a nod in particular to J.R.R. Tolkien's and C.S. Lewis' Inklings. We have our own C.S.! Cole, that is. Immaculate comes from the Latin, meaning spotless. A Roman might have named his dog Macula. We could as easily be called the Incorrigible Novelists Kult, as whipping (corriging) us will not keep us from writing, but that might tempt someone to try.

Where do you meet?
In our secret cat cave.

No, really, where do you meet?
In our secret cat cave.

What do you do at meetings?
After the usual 'hi, how are ya's and a snack, we collect dues and launch into the critiques for the evening. We also talk about our personal goals for the next few weeks and what we might submit for the next meeting.

What's this I hear about INK guests?
We host guests at our meetings four times a year or so. We like to hear how other people work and think.

Can I just drop in during a guest meeting?
Currently only dues-paying—

I'll pay a dollar!
--stop interrupting! Only dues paying members can attend a guest meeting. If there's a lot of demand (aka whining) we'll see about arranging some sort of writer's meet and greet or lecture.

How do I join?
Email us at INK.Kult@gmail.com

That actually reads Immaculate Novelists Kult kult.:
We know. We're so kewl even our kult has a kult.

[Thanks, Kami, for most of these great Q&As!]

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